Vitali Huk

Vitali Huk

About me

Welcome to a world where adrenaline and artistry collide! My name is Vitali Huk, and I proudly wear
the hats of an actor, stunt fighter, and stunt fight choreographer.
For the past two years, I have immersed myself in the electrifying realm of film and stunt fighting,
where every day is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills. I wholeheartedly embrace the
mantra that learning is a lifelong journey, and it is my insatiable thirst for growth that propels me
forward. I eagerly anticipate the chance to collaborate with new, remarkable individuals who share
my passion.
The film world has become the place of my truest expression. To become a significant contributor to
the film world is my aspiration, and to achieve that, I dedicate myself constantly to honing my craft. I
train diligently and push my boundaries - and would be grateful for the opportunity to work with
I inspire others in both my open-hearted nature and authentic presence. As an actor, I revel in the joy
of embodying diverse characters, effortlessly transitioning from one role to the next. Whether it be
altering my physical appearance or immersing myself in the depths of a character's psyche, I thrive
on the challenge of breathing life into each unique role.
But my world is not confined to the silver screen alone; my skills are as action-packed as the life I
lead. Over the past three years, I have dedicated myself to mastering the art of stunt fighting,
pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From car stunts to sword fighting, from rigorous weapons
training to the mastery of various martial arts disciplines, my journey knows no bounds. It is a
testament to my unwavering commitment to my craft.
Together, we have the power to create something truly extraordinary. I look forward to the
opportunity to collaborate with you and embark on a thrilling journey, where imagination and action


Acting age
22-33 years
Year of birth
1997 (26 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
blue green
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Hamburg (DE)
Housing options
Berlin (DE), Munich (DE), Szczecin (PL), Warsaw (PL), Cologne (DE), Hamburg (DE)
Standard German(native dialect)
BoxingKickboxingKnife combatMartial ArtsNunchakuStuntsThai boxingArcheryBeach volleyballBody buildingCrossFitEskrima/KaliPistol shootingRifle shootingSwimSwordplayTae Kwon DoTennisVolleyballWeight trainingWrestlingParkour
Action / Martial arts actor, Actor
Special skills
ChoreographyDramatic fighting scene choreographerStuntBarmanImprovisationModelKnife throwing
Driver's licenses
Car class


Professional background

( Acting studies) Schauspielstudium / Medienakademie (DMA) Hamburg | Media-Acting | 2020-2023

Other professional training

Showreel Hamburg- Alexander Resch, Positionierung und Weiterbildung für Schauspieler*innen Camera Acting nach Ivana Chubbuck mit Cosma Dujat
Stunt Rigging Workshop
Highlander Workshop- Schwertkampf, Kampf Choreographie & Filmfigurenentwicklung
Auto Stunts
Stunt Fight Camp
Stunt Fight Workshop / Training
Schwert Schaukampf Workshop
Stunt Fight Camp
Stunt Fight B-License


Ice Ice Baby (Short film)
Ben (LR) Robert Kowalewski Producer: Robert Kowalewski
Ein Letztes Mal (Short film)
Theo Adamov (LR) Robert Kowalewski Producer: Isabel Lamers
MONA PENNT (Short film)
Berat (SR) Lea Klamroth Producer: Europäische Medien- und Business-Akademie
The Mad King (Feature film)
Lord Amschel von Rothschild (SR) Borsu Highson Producer: Lüneburg Filmstudios
The Story of Wilk (Teaser (film concept))
Maxim Hansen (SR) Robert Kowalewski


Cry Wolf (Series)
Finn (SRE) Jesper Ganslandt Producer: UAB AHIL P Distribution: Nordic Drama Queens